Technology leading products for Foundry, Abrasive Material Handling and Rail Sand Filling Applications.

Low-Velocity Dense Phase Conveyors

PLUG FLO® Pneumatic Conveyor

A Pneumatic Transporter specifically designed for conveying granular and free flowing bulk materials - such as sand, aggregates, ceramics and other abrasive materials – at low transport speeds with minimal pipe wear. The PLUG FLO is the ultimate low-velocity dense phase conveyor. 

Klein S-Type Pneumatic Conveyor

A Dense Phase Pneumatic Transporter ideal for moving powders and fine-grained bulk materials with a high percentage of dust. 

Klein T-Type (High Temperature) Pneumatic Conveyor

A Dense Phase Pneumatic Transporter designed for high-temperature materials up to 450° F. Applications include hot sand from thermal reclamation and other high temperature powders and granular bulk materials. 

Foundry Sand Batch Mixers

StatorMix® Batch Sand Mixer

Specifically designed for use in cold box core room applications where sand is mixed with various resins and powders to produce high-quality cores. The StatorMix is unmatched in terms of resin efficiency usage and sand consistency.

Resin Liquid Metering Pumps

Precise metering of resins and liquids using reliable and low maintenance bellows pumps or infinitely flexible continuous gear pumps. 

Foundry Sand Conditioning

CST Sand Conditioners – Heats, Cools and removes dust from sand prior to core and mold making.

Control your sand and you control your quality! The Klein CST Sand Conditioner is a compact sand heater/cooler that is commonly used to condition sand to the proper temperature immediately before the mold making or core making process. Depending on the process (cold box, hot box, inorganic, etc.) and the site conditions, it is often beneficial to control the sand temperature and remove any dust.

FKS Fluid Bed Sand Cooler Sifter – Cool and removes dust from sand.

Designed to cool and remove dust from silica sand. While the hot sand is fed into the FKS, air from the onboard fan is blown into the housing and is evenly distributed through the permeable bottom bed. This fluidizes the sand, allowing it to flow freely and behave like a liquid as it passes through a series of cooling tubes and zones.

RSK Gravity Heater Cooler – Heat and Cool sand and granular free flowing materials efficiently.

The Klein RSK Heat Exchanger can be used to heat and/or cool sand and other free flowing materials to a desired temperature. Water flows through a series of coils with fins that wind through the material. As the granular material slowly flows by gravity through the dense coil arrangements, heat is efficiently transferred to or from the sand or granular material. Material outlet temperatures are maintained by adjusting the flow of cooling water through the various zones.

Rail Sanding Filling Systems


Klein is the world technology leader in Light Rail and Passenger Vehicle sanding systems. The new kleinSand.max® Sand Dispenser is compact, automatic and removes silica dust when filling light rail vehicles and locomotives.