Klein Technology Group

Engineered Products and Solutions for Chemical, Mineral, Foundry and Rail Sanding Applications

Klein specializes in the pneumatic conveying of sand and other abrasive products commonly used in a number of industries:

  • Foundry Core Room Applications
  • Various Chemical and Mineral Conveying Applications
  • Rail Vehicle Sand Filling Applications

The roots of the company date back to 1928 when Albert Klein, son of a miner in Germany, started to sell sheet metal products to various factories. Klein soon became a specialist in the pneumatic conveying of sand and other abrasive materials using compressed air. Today, Klein products represent the best-of-the-best when conveying abrasive materials and we also offer a number of other high quality products, including:

  • Batch Sand Mixers
  • Sand Heater / Coolers
  • Sand Reclamation Systems

Klein products can be found worldwide and are trusted by General Motors, Caterpillar, major municipalities and hundreds of other customers worldwide. Klein means quality and we look forward to service your specific application needs.